Wedding Cakes

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     StripedCakeCropped.jpg (29159 bytes)      days of wine and roses Cropped.jpg (18670 bytes)       Marble with cloth. 7ForInternet.jpg (23367 bytes)                                  CAKE Golden DressInternet .jpg (34799 bytes) BrideWithCakeCloseUpInternet.jpg (35017 bytes)



Fondant                    Chocolate                  Days of wine          Fondant Blanket                                        Match Dress          Dress

                                   stripes                      and Roses              Chocolate Swirl       

    buttercream decorationsCropped2.jpg (119458 bytes)    edible lace points, lit standCropped2.jpg (74186 bytes)    fondant hears with buttercream laceCropped2.jpg (59927 bytes)    square cakes, edible flowersCropped.jpg (120240 bytes)      square fondant with silksCropped.jpg (89420 bytes)       CakeVenitian arnivalINTERNET.jpg (208697 bytes)

    Buttercream             Edible lace              Fondant with        Edible Flowers          Fondant with Silks     Fountain on Top



fondant, gold, swagsCropped3.jpg (26320 bytes)   TopOfCakeRealFlowersFondantLoopsInternet.jpg (37744 bytes)      StackCakeCakesForInternet.jpg (47880 bytes)   CCakePeach piped artistic flowerInternets.jpg (24470 bytes)    CCakeVictorianInternet.jpg (24569 bytes)     CakeNEWCallasTopperINTERNET.jpg (34720 bytes)    

Stacked Layers     Fondant Ribbon        Stacked With Lites   Piped Flowers      Peach Pattern         Hand Made Callas


CCakeWritingMultipleCakeInternet.jpg (55038 bytes)    CCakeCream Internetjl.jpg (18153 bytes)    CCakeEdibleFlowersInternetj.jpg (23760 bytes)   CCakeVerticalInternet.jpg (22281 bytes)    DragonTopperIntrernet.jpg (57123 bytes)    CakeMarbleGerberINTERNET.jpg (36570 bytes)

Multiple                   Edible Flowers      Edible Flowers      Flowers Between     Hand Made Topper    Lites


JoysCakeINTERNETed.jpg (35143 bytes)   Leaning Cake INTERNET.jpg (41548 bytes)    Basket weave roses between layersINTERNET.jpg (37885 bytes)   7 Pink marbleInternet.jpg (23923 bytes)    9 Hearts with lights Internetj.jpg (21968 bytes)  gold cake INTERNET.jpg (40488 bytes)   PurpleAllThree026.jpg (52193 bytes)

Edible Leaves       Leaning Cake         Basket Weave      Shaded fondant         Hearts with lites          Gold              3 Purple