Computes Insulin before meals based upon food intake, blood sugar, and Insulin Ratios - stores day's record- different ratios for different meals. Transforms Insulin Dosing from an Estimate to a Science!

Very Easy to use- the patient loads their Insulin ratios for each meal, and any NPH/Ultralent they are taking. Time for Breakfast? Press the Breakfast Button and computer will ask for CHO intake. If it is unknown, computer will compute it using Diabetic Exchanges. Computer next asks for Blood Glucose, then computes the Regular Insulin, then gives the amounts of any other Insulins, and final volume to draw syringe to from second vial.

For Pump Patients, the Insulin is computed in tenths, and for others half units.

Computer will also save the days Insulin, Blood Glucose, and food Intake to facilitate recording the information in a log.


TIGHT CONTROL THE EASY WAY                                                       


This Booklet is designed to help you teach the patient on a fixed CHO diet how to use Intensive Insulin Management. Included is a Wallet Insulin Helper which will compute the Additional Regular Insulin required due to Blood Glucose levels exceeding their targets.

There are no technical terms, no formulas, and no math is required to compute Insulin Doses. The Booklet takes the patient through the process step-by-step.